March 15, 2007

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Spirulina Algal Technology

Phototrophic Bacteria



Microbial Pigments




Indigenous fermented food

Plant Tissue Culture

Tea Plantation


Plant Tissue Culture


MCRC has developed facilities for plant tissue culture and has worked out different aspects of the technology. Silk cotton trees, Chrysanthemum and rose plants have been successfully propagated through tissue culture by MCRC under a DST Project. MCRC has also carried out a project funded by EID Parry, Chennai on isolation and identification of latent bacteria during tissue culturing of sugarcane and tea and remedial measures have been suggested.

Vanilla flavour

Vanilla flavour extracted from cured beans of the vanilla plant (Vanilla planifolia Andrew) is used as a flavouring agent in food and currently has high demand. The traditional method of production of natural vanillin is cumbersome as it involves cultivation of plants in restricted climatic regions, hand pollination with limited success and the tedious processes for curing and extraction of products from the beans.

MCRC is involved in tissue culture of Vanilla planifolia. Vanilla flavour can also be extracted from cultured root tissue in laboratory through precursor treatment. Through this technology natural vanilla flavour demand can be met in a cost effective manner.

Medicinal plants

MCRC is involved in the tissue culture of medicinal plants including endangered and endemic plants. In vitro phytochemical studies of selected plants such as Gymnesia sylvestre are being carried out. Large scale cultivation of medicinal plants by organic farming methods is being practiced in different agroclimatic regions in Tamil Nadu. Studies on secondary metabolites are extensively pursued







Vanilla flavour