March 15, 2007

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Bacteriorhodopsin is a biological photochrome with exceptional properties produced by halophilic archaebacteria. Bacteriorhodopsin is the functional component of so called “purple membranes” containing Bacterio- rhodopsin molecules in a twodimensional, crystalline lattice in conjunction with a lipid bilayer structure. Bacteriorhodopsin is the only protein found in purple membranes.

MCRC has been expoloring the biodivesity of Bacteriorhodopsin producing archaebacteria and have standardised media favouring production.

Bacteriorhodopsin is structurally related to the human visual pigment Rhodopsin and undergoes a photo- chemical cycle with a number of spectrally distinct intermediate states (e.g., purple and yellow) when excited by light. The photochromic, protonmotive, and photoelectric properties of Bacteriorhodopsin are directly coupled to the biological function of the molecule as a light-driven proton pump.



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